A Cup of tea


So perhaps now we start looking at the cup before the next sip, what kind ,colour, is it pleasing to the eye, comfortable in the hand, sip, hot tea, hotness, tea taste.

The weight in our hand as we lower it. Through the fingers, arm and shoulder. We notice the context of the cup. The surface we’re about to put it down on. The room its in. The sensation of contact as we put the cup down and relinquish its weight.

Picking it up again, its weight, through fingers, hand, arm, and shoulder even our back and hips. lips tongue taste; Swallowing. Hot, slowly moving to warm as the tea cools in the cup.

Perhaps we notice the wisps of steam coming from the surface of the tea, the movement. The season, an even broader awareness, with our tea drinking at its centre.

Drinking more quickly perhaps, as the tea cools.. finishing .... the empty cup.

Staying with the “What now?” our natural reaction to the opening up of space. To try to fill it. To enrich our experience. To fix it. Make it worthy.

We make a suggestion to our selves. That whatever ‘this’ is right now, It’s Ok to be having it, to experience it as it is. There is nothing I ‘need‘ to fix. Its all right to be with just ‘this’........

...So our mindfulness break ending we carry on with our day as unfolding.