A Cup of tea


Describing the practise.

Experience can be nuanced. Even drinking a cup of tea.

You may wonder at what your doing when you first try this practise.

... There’s the cup... “yea ok“ ... I pick it up, drink, taste and swallow, I put it down,... ”Ok”. ...

... There seems to be a lot of... “what now?” ... kind of impatience, a ...“so?”,... and ...“and?”

It seems irrelevant. Perhaps the mind moves on to what we could be doing while we’re having our tea.

Reading the paper, email, twitter, video, music. Having a friendly conversation over the

Cup-a... nothing wrong in any of that.

But that’s interesting. Why? Why do we want to put aside the space that seems to open up when we stop and on purpose, pay attention to ‘this’. Whatever it is.

The obvious answer when we look is that its ordinary, kinda neutral. its not really relevant to anything. As said, it seems actively irrelevant.

We naturally want to enrich our experience, nothing wrong with that, wanting to make it more. To fill up the ordinary with intensity. With pleasure and even pain, so long as it transports us out of the ordinariness of now. The tea, in its own familiar way, may have been an attempt at doing just that. Adding something in.

So we have to wait for this natural desire to ‘add in’ to subside. We patiently stay with our cup-a, with ourselves.

We get distracted. Perhaps we’ve unconsciously started looking around for something further to amuse our mind, to occupy it;  Until we automatically reach for the cup and are returned to our intention to notice. Continue