Is not about fixing ourselves or fixing others.

From a mindful point of view, in this present moment right Now, there is nothing that needs fixing.

Rather, mindfulness once established is a deepening Appreciation of what ‘is’, a savouring, a kind of discernment; Valuing ‘this’ as ‘is’ without the metric of what we want or don’t want.

This appreciativeness often has the consequence of leading to a positive change in our mental landscape where there is a sense of mental calming and physical, emotive grounding.

However; This occurs, Only as a by product of Mindfulness.

We can’t short circuit the process and try to get to the beneficial qualities of the practise by simply trying to force things.

If we do then we have just gone back to trying to fix how and what we experience rather than this coming into relationship with, and appreciation of, whats happening right now.

This valuing of the present moment, of felt experience, can be pleasant, unpleasant and neutral. As we give it time, and watch as experience unfolds, this tone will change. It will do so again and again and again.

Eventually if we persist with the practise we cease to identify with the tone of felt experience. Rather we identify with the constant flow. We begin to see that the tone of ‘This’ is a conditioned phenomena founded on nothing more than a dream, a momentary thought or sight, sound or touch, a smell or taste.

As the circumstance of ‘This’ flows on so our mental state mirrors the cloud like structures; now sunny now rain, now slate grey. Blazing, storm, boredom.

And as i’ve said, Its the ‘simple’ noting of ‘this’ that leads, as a consequence, to a positive experiential change where a sense of mental calming and physical grounding is often experienced.

‘WE’ don’t relinquish ‘THIS’ ..... ‘we’ simply note ‘passing’, .....  the awareness of this ‘noting’ becoming our identification as a kind of graspless-ness_ness.