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Our aims are?

Medihand aims to provide mindfulness training; To provision individuals and organisations.

What is Mindfulness? Mindfulness 

Who are we?

The founder of Medihand, Robert Beard, has over thirty years of experience in this area. With both formal meditation and the integration of mindfulness in the every day.

What do we do?

Medihandapproach; by providing ‘led practise’ as an introduction to mindful activity, is to allow for it to be unwilled, to be facilitatory. The ‘affects’ of such activity may provide a guide and impetus to include mindfulness as part of the everyday.

Medihandapproach, is specifically tailored to capture those who may not benefit from the intensification of their immediate experience. For example, people with clinical depression or acute pain. However, making it clear that mindfulness is not a ‘therapeutic’ fix does not mean that people who are suffering are excluded but Identifies the need for a supportive context.

This is Medihand‘ main aim, to open up a space, a situation, where its implied that to practise everyday mindfulness is central. Simply walking down the street, feeling the weight of the cup of tea, savouring its taste. Enjoying all the various sensations of the simple act of washing up some dishes. Switching on a light.

The list of repeated daily activities is as long as the day. While our, on purpose, attendance might include three or five instances. lasting as little or as long as the activity itself.

If we can manage this, over an extended period, with short mindfulness breaks throughout each day, its as if we perfume each day with the fragrance of appreciativeness, we start to see the beauty inherent in ‘this’ right now. To experience our own growing courage in leaning toward ‘this’.

Is this religious?

No; Our emphasis is secular. Any one can benefit from the innate qualities of an established practise and apply that to whatever life endeavour they chose.

This approach to training in mindfulness emphasises the calming integrating aspects of the practise and does not venture into insight related activity; although the potential for it to occur is still very present.

The association of mindfulness with the Buddhist religion is a common place notion. However Buddhism, as I understand it, makes no claim to be the arbitrator of this particular human endeavour or journey. It is recognised that mindful experience is simply a fact of Human potential.

Insight is the specifically Buddhist outcome. initially that’s seeing the wider significance of mindfulness of purposeful, friendly presence. ‘This’, providing the catalyst for the transformation of consciousness.

So that insight becomes realisation, a kind of confidence, which eventually matures into Release. Consciousness ceasing to be bound by the conditioning quality of its perceptual basis. To put it in a nut shell.

Robert is, as you may have guessed, a practising Buddhist.  


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